Our Introduction

Our Introduction:


We are Core Intentions waist bead and accessories boutique. We came on the scene in a small way, in 2018, introducing our waist beads to our friends and family and decided to expand (2019) into a boutique, where we now offer vibrant, bold accessories, both on-line and in our physical store. 

Our thoughts behind starting this new journey was to introduce some of the cultural practices that have been around since ancient times (waist beads), in West Africa, to friends and family in the United States.  After, the waist beads became a hit, as we hoped they would, we decided to introduce our vibrant, bold authentic African accessories to the world.

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Also, we would like to add, that we are extremely mindful that we may use the term "Africa" interchangeably as a "Place" in general terms and we understand that "Africa" itself IS a continent composed of 54 countries.

We would also like to acknowledge that not all African countries practice the same or similar traditions as there are many different ethnic groups within any given African country. 

Thanks for reading and stay-tuned!