Our Story

Core Intentions is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is geared and rooted in most things Afrocentric, ethnic and Core-Centered. We offer BOLD, beautiful, and bright style solutions, which encompasses lines, shapes and things of abstract nature, for the everyday woman whose core is rooted in fashion and style. The brand features handcrafted products, some of which are exclusive to this brand alone, where only a few pieces will be offered to ensure their exclusivity.
Hi! My name is Patrice. I am the owner and CEO of Core Intentions. I first became interested in fashion as a young girl who was inspired by my favorite aunt, Bertha, who was a fashion guru.
When I first  traveled to the African continent to visit my Malian husband's family, I fell in love with the BOLD COLORS of the culture and the rest is history. I am a registered nurse and I love healthcare and also love fashion and accessories.
I chose the name "Core Intentions" as the Core of everything that we do begins with intent (intention), to "do" and/or manifest something. This "intention" carries over to our style behavior, as our style is a unique fingerprint that represents who we are to the CORE.
Core Intentions is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The energy that we pass along to our customers, whether in person or online, is energetic and will leave you feeling satisfied. 
Thank you for shopping with US!!!!!! We appreciate YOU!!!!!