'Get Into Gear' (Stretch Tie on)

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'Get into gear' will make you feel oh-so sexy with her soft hue of pink

*Please note*

Stretch (tie-on) Strand

fits up to a 50 inch waist

Check out our color chart for the meaning of the color pink


'Get into Gear' is a strand that represents the feminine "girl" that women that is embed deep down within.. As girls, we are soft, kind, compassionate and are often nurturing. When we go into womanhood, we often lose some of these qualities because as women, we are always on the go, and in "doing" mode, which places us in Alpha energy.  'Get into Gear" when wrapped around the waist, will put us in a feminine mindset, help us to feel attractive and will bring calming effects, as this is one attribute of the color pink. 


Get 'Get Into Gear' to GET INTO GEAR